High-Tech Lifting Serum

  • An essential skin care product, this powerful lifting serum is the best anti-aging product for any woman over the age of 30. The serum is enriched with an exclusive blend of herbal extracts that protects the skin, enriching moisture and encouraging flexibility. The serum's unique properties allow deep penetration of its active components, such as Dunaliella, Siberian ginseng, Cucumber extract, Silica, Algae extract, Camellia extract, and more.

    These active ingredients help delay the skin aging process, smooth fine lines, firm the skin, and enhance its elasticity, making skin glow. Regular use of the serum helps keep skin young and full of vitality. Fast-absorbing and non-greasy, the serum can be used under makeup.
  • To use: apply a thin layer of serum over the face. To massage into cheeks, apply a few drops to the area adjacent to nostrils and, with a circular motion, spread over cheeks and cheekbones. Smooth the serum over the nose, from the bridge to the tip. Start in the middle of the forehead (above the bridge of the nose) and move outward toward temples. Application over the chin should be done in the upward direction, moving from jawline toward cheekbones.
  • The serum deeply nourishes the skin, helps promote surface skin cell turnover, and reinforces tissue. It also increases the density and elasticity of the skin, and delays the skin aging process. The serum is immediately absorbed into the skin, giving it a soft, smooth, and radiant look.
  • Lithospermum Officinale Extract, Cucumber Extract,Camellia Sinensis Extract, Dunaliella Extract, Silica Extract, Jojoba oil, Algae Extract, Ginseng Root Extract

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