Anti Zits Cream

  • HiLée Anti Zits Cream is a natural acne treatment. Often, the appearance of acne or pimples is met with a hectic rush to do anything to achieve clear skin. In searching how to prevent acne and how to treat acne, skin care products are expected to help. When they do not, people often turn to acne pills and other pharmaceuticals. The solution might be easier than one thinks:

    The first step is to determine what type of acne it is. Read our articles on What is Acne, How to Treat Acne, and the Acne Diet Plan to help answer many acne-related questions.

    The second step is to obtain our HiLée Anti Zits Cream (a day cream) and Pimples Gel (a night cream) to help deal with the problem. Both are natural acne treatments that have helped thousands of satisfied HiLée customers with problematic, acne-prone skin. Anti Zits Cream is a moisturizing cream with a revolutionary formula of herbal extracts used in the prevention and treatment of acne, pimples, and various kinds of face irritations. The anti-inflammatory ingredients significantly improve skin immunity, keep the skin's natural moisture, and protect against infection and inflammation caused by air pollution, hormonal problems or poor diet. The cream is designed for daily use.
  • To use, apply in the mornings to freshly-cleansed skin, dotting the cream directly onto pimples or acne pustules and massaging lightly to rub it in. Though the cream has a yellow-greenish hue due to its herbal ingredients, it will be clear once absorbed, and will not tint skin. The cream has a pleasant fruity scent, and can be used under makeup.

    Please note: do not use sunblock after having applied Anti Zits Cream, as it may negatively react with the cream. While using Anti Zits Cream, use of other anti-acne products, including medicated soap with active ingredients for acne-prone skin, is not recommended; our products are based on natural, organic plant extracts, and a combination of different products and active ingredients can reduce the effect of the natural herbal extracts.
  • Prevents and treats acne, moisturizes skin, reduces oiliness and inflammation.
  • Calendula officinalis Flower Extract, Avena Sativa Oat Extract, Myrtus Communis Leaf Extract

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