Anti - Wrinkle Gift Set

  • With so many anti-aging products on the market, it is hard to know where to start. Let us help: behold, the Anti-Aging Gift Set from HiLée. Consisting of HiLée Eye Contour Cream and High-Tech Lifting Serum, this gift set offers a combination of the best anti-aging skin care products. HiLée Eye Contour Cream is the best eye cream to target the key signs of aging, and smooth the texture around the eye contour.

    The exclusive blend of herbal extracts provides active moisture throughout the day, preventing fine lines of dryness, accelerating cellular regeneration, and stimulating collagen production. Regular use enhances skin elasticity in the eye area, smooths fine lines, and provides the skin with a firm, glowing appearance and smooth texture.

    The HiLée powerful Lifting Serum is an essential part of daily skin care regimen and the best anti-aging product for any woman over the age of 30. The serum is enriched with an exclusive blend of herbal extracts that protects the skin by enriching moisture and encouraging flexibility, stimulates collagen production and helps delay the skin aging process, smooths fine lines, firms the skin and enhances its elasticity, making skin glow. Regular use of the serum helps keep skin young and full of vitality. Both products are light-textured, fast absorbing and non-greasy, and can be used under makeup.
  • To apply: products should be applied to clean and dry skin. Eye cream should not be rubbed in; instead, it should be lightly patted onto the eye with fingertips, going outward from the inner corner of the eye over the upper eyelid, and in reverse direction (outside inward) underneath the eye. The lifting serum should be massaged onto the face with gentle circular motions, following facial massage lines, starting at the jawline and moving up and outward.
  • Products prevent fine lines of dryness, accelerate cellular regeneration, and stimulate collagen production.

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